Carlsbad Learning Center

Project Description

Designed the Carlsbad Library Learning Center project encompassed the demolition and reconstruction of the former Girl’s Club. The location of the project was on 3368 Eureka Place in Carlsbad, CA. Ultra high efficient roof top package units with variable volume temperature, VVT, indoor units throughout the building were used to condition the building. The units utilized the environmentally sound refrigerant R-410a. The auditorium, computer room and conference rooms were designed with carbon dioxide sensors for demand control ventilation (DCV) system in order to modulate the air flow based on occupancy usage. The computer server room and the elevator machine room were each equipped with independent cooling only split system air conditioning units. The mechanical systems were above and beyond the California Title 24 Compliance requirements. The plumbing design entailed two public restrooms, one on each floor and additional employee’s restroom on the second floor. The restrooms were equipped with domestic hot and cold water services. The hot water heater was gas fired type with self-contained storage tank. The roof drain and over flow roof drains as well as balcony area drains were part of the plumbing design services. A mall employee kitchen was part of the plumbing design. Drinking fountains were assigned to be located outside of each restroom.