About Teza Design

Teza Design, founded in 1999, is a Consulting Mechanical Engineering Firm specializing in the  field of Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC), Plumbing and Piping Design. The Firm’s engineering services cover HVAC, domestic water, sanitary drain and medical gas, energy modeling, feasibility study, RFP preparation,  building automation, specifications, development and documentation of design concept, Construction documentation and administration, Title 24  compliance, life cycle cost analysis, site/facility condition assessment as well as  preparation of  addenda.

Teza Design is known for  its quality work and Client satisfaction. Teza Design has well established Project Management and Quality Control protocols that specifically address the requirements of consultant participation and multiple IDIQ delivery orders to keep projects and designs on time  and on budget. Offering a diverse range of services related to buildings, from planning through design, construction, and management.

Clients include federal and local governments, architects,  contractors, engineering firms and building  owners such as:  NAVFAC, US Army Corps of Engineers, City and County of San Diego, UCSD, and private owners. The types of projects include  Military,  Offices,  Museums, Hospitals, BEQs, Libraries, resorts, multifamily  residences, restaurants and manufacturing. Teza Design goes beyond the traditional consulting services by embracing the growing sustainable design principles  such as stated in LEED, Leadership in Energy  and Environmental Design.  

Mr. Simon Girmai is a registered mechanical engineer with over 16 years experience in HVAC and plumbing design for government agencies as well as commercial clients.
Teza Design is technically qualified and professionally recognized for its innovative work in HVAC, plumbing, fire sprinkler design and energy conservation.  Teza Design is DBE  certified by California Unified Certification Program (CUCP). Teza Design is a graduate of  the 8(a) program managed by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

TEZA is proud to be affiliated with the following organizations:     

    American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASCE)
    American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
    American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE)


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